A Movie Star in my house

February 19, 2012


Surprise visits are the best.

I had planned to blog about my very interesting eye cases today but a unique visit has prompted me to postpone the eye case discussion.

We got a phone call this morning from the owner of a SUPER STAR PET asking if she could honour her promise. Although I was still in bed and my husband had a severe case of the flu, we happily welcomed the much unexpected visit. We had a chance encounter with the owner two weeks ago when we sold her one of our bird cages. We discovered she owned ‘Tango‘, the blue-and-yellow Macaw that starred in the movie ‘The Real Macaw’. If you haven’t watched ‘The Real Macaw’, you ought to. Unfortunately the Aussie accent isn’t appropriately portrayed by the movie but you get to see ‘Tango’ absolutely thriving in the lime light.

We were obviously beside ourselves in excitement when she informed us she owned a famous and very talkative Macaw. I mean for god’s sake, ‘Tango’ even has an agent! The agent contacts the owner whenever a prospective role is available for ‘Tango’.  Apart from starring in movies, ‘Tango’ has had roles in several commercials for different brands such as Freedom Furniture in Australia and McDonald’s in Hong Kong! We made it very clear that we would love to meet ‘Tango’ one day.

And so ‘Tango’ dropped in for his much-anticipated visit today.

He was happily sitting on his mom’s shoulder when they came out of the car and into our house. His mom showed him around our place so he got a chance to settle into his surroundings. He then sat on the couch while Wally and I stared at him in absolute awe. We offered him heaps of cashew and almond nuts and he ate a couple then made it clear he was full. Check out the video footage and many many pictures we took of him below. We obviously couldn’t get enough of him!

Tango happily prancing around the house.

Tango exploring our place

Tango being tango

Tango sitting on the couch and getting a photo shoot & yummy treats.

Tango enjoying the attention

Tango so stunning

Tango eating a cashew

The colours of his feathers were just so vibrant; he was even bigger than we expected him to be.

He was quite the mama’s boy. He kept squawking at her for reassurance and attention.

Tango calling out to his mom

Although he is usually a very talkative fellow, he only said ‘Hello’ in front of us. We obviously posed with him. He happily stepped up on our hands and was a very polite parrot. We were advised not to pat him as he doesn’t like strangers doing that. Instead we let him run around the house and enjoy his explorations.

Tango walking around

Posing with Tango

Wally mesmerized by tango

Talking to Tango

Wally &Tango

After an hour or so, he grew impatient and kept squawking for his mom and making it clear he would like to go home.

It was just so beautiful to see the very deep bond he had formed with his owner.

He allowed her to lift his wings, pat his tail, and give him head scratches and kisses.

Tango clinging to mom

We also found out he turned 21 last week! We hope to see him more regularly and establish a good relationship with him. It would be a great day when he finally lets his guard down and starts chatting away in front of us.

Don’t we feel lucky! I mean what are the odds of meeting a superstar parrot!

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68 Comments on “A Movie Star in my house”

  1. Erin Says:



  2. rutheh Says:

    What beautiful, intense colors he sports. Nice to document the visit by such a super star! Thanks for sharing,


  3. Tricia Booker Photography Says:

    Wow, what a great bird! Thank you for documenting his visit. Interesting to hear how engaging he is with people and new surroundings. Fun photos too!


  4. nicole marie story Says:

    Rayya, your hair is gorgeous!!!!!!!!!


  5. Donkey Whisperer Farm Says:

    I use to own a parolette mini parrot only 7 grams he was such a sweetie. Beautiful photos this was a taadaa moment for sure. Thank you for sharing!


  6. Jo Woolf Says:

    I love the way he tosses his head like a real movie star! He’s certainly got the attitude. What beautiful plumage!!


  7. Elin Says:

    How lucky are you guys!!!!! Im so jealous! Loved the movie!! 🙂 Missing u all…..


  8. Cowboy Says:

    Howdy Doc –

    I bet that was a surprise. Opportunities like that don’t come come along often. I enjoyed the move and Tango is a nice looking Macaw.


  9. artseafartsea Says:

    Beautiful bird and those colors, awesome! Thanks for sharing.


  10. becomingcliche Says:

    So sweet! Our zoo used to have a blue and gold macaw as part of our program collection. She was unusual in that she would work for lots of different people. If she liked you. She adored my coworker. Me, not so much. It could take a half hour to even get her out of the cage!


    • Rayya Says:

      Hey Heather. Parrots are definitely very selective & will bond to a very few people. Our parrots definitely preferred my husband. I was amazed by how close ‘Tango’ was to his owner. 😉


  11. Alana Says:

    Thats so awesome! If only I stayed for the weekend!


  12. magsx2 Says:

    Wow, that is spectacular. So very beautiful, and I did see the movie, now I know about the star. 😀
    What a great video, and fantastic photos, it is a shame he didn’t say a few more words, but he was magnificent on his own without words.
    The chances of meeting a super star parrot, I would have to say never on that one, you were so very lucky. 😀


  13. barb19 Says:

    You were very lucky to be able to meet Tango in person and enjoy this most beautiful bird; his colours are so vibrant, he is just gorgeous!
    A meeting never to be forgotten, so thanks for sharing it with us Rayya, along with the great video and pics.


    • Rayya Says:

      Hey Barb. Thanks for sharing my post on your facebook page. I had to share this amazing experience with you as I knew you’d appreciate it. ‘Tango’ rocks. 😀


  14. victoriaaphotography Says:

    He is just gorgeous.
    (Love the photos – they are excellent and really show his feather detail).


  15. Jodi Stone Says:

    Very cool, I’m not a ‘bird’ person, but that’s pretty cool.


  16. Animalcouriers Says:

    You’re forgiven from straying from the script! What a stunner – hope you get to know him better and to talk to him.


  17. amyshojai Says:

    Glorious photos, thanks so much for sharing! I’ll have to look up that movie. Bravo, Tango!


  18. irisperezgarcia Says:

    It’s beautiful! I think there are very smart animals!
    Ah and I also saw a Barça T-shirt! Barça it’s my team!!!!


    • Rayya Says:

      Parrots are highly intelligent creatures for sure :-)… My husband is crazy about Barca. He flew there recently just to watch Messi and he even got me a barca t-shirt. When he got back, he was ready to move to barcelona and live there. hehehe


  19. ifeathers Says:

    He’s such a gorgeous parrot! I’ll have to go look up the movie!


  20. paqui0808 Says:

    Hello Thank you very mutch very Good


  21. Tricia Booker Photography Says:

    I’ve really enjoyed following your blog these past few months and learning about the day-to-day ups and downs of a practicing veterinarian who is also a talented writer! No pressure, but I’m passing on the Kreativ Blogger Award to you. I hope others will find your blog as inspirational and touching as I have! Tricia


    • Rayya Says:

      Tricia…Thank you so much for your very kind words. I am so glad you have enjoyed my vet tales. I am very touched with the award. Thank you heaps and I hope to keep you captivated with my blog 🙂


  22. David Prandi Chevalier Says:

    I think we all like to actually see what happens!
    Even if I am personally afraid of parrots…and big animals as horses.


  23. David Prandi Chevalier Says:

    Reblogged this on historiasveterinarias and commented:
    El comportamiento amistoso de un loro, artista de cine en Australia.
    Filmado por Rayya para su blog


  24. Josh Connor Says:

    Wow this is amazing. I can’t belive I’ve stumbled upon this, I actually knew tango when he was in training and shooting the movie, my uncle, Peter Gregg was his trainer. Its fantastic to see he’s still so beautiful and i definetly agree tango is a great movie.


  25. nyparrot Says:

    Hello, Rayya. I just love your blog. And I absolutely could not resist stopping by to say hello to that adorable parrot. So, Cheers from NYParrot to a Parrot from Britain:)>.


  26. Nicole Says:

    way cool, he’s gorgeous!



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