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Me and my dogs (‘Shepo’ left, ‘Punchkin’ right)

me and my dogs

I was born overseas and grew up in Lebanon. About nine years ago, I left my family and friends behind to pursue my dream of becoming a veterinarian down under.

I have now been out in practice for the past four and half years. I absolutely love being involved with all types of animals and consider it my “calling”. Whilst my job can be quite an emotional rollercoaster ride, I cannot fathom doing anything else for as long as I am living. I simply feel blessed every day that I am practicing what I truly love.

My strongest point with animals is patience and perseverance; I not only understand and connect to them but will do everything and beyond to help my patients pull through! I grieve the loss of every patient and always wonder if I could have done a better job.

Every day pets are being neglected, abandoned at shelters or brought in to the vet clinic to be euthanized and the number one reason is due to a behavioral problem. This has driven me to want to specialize in veterinary behavioral medicine and focus on sustaining a healthy pet-human bond and preventing any misunderstandings.

My secret weapon to cope with the challenges of the job is my loving and very supportive husband ‘Wally and our beautiful dogs ‘Shepo’ & ‘Punchkin’ and our royal cat ‘Lewi’.

In my spare time, I enjoy reading, travelling, chilling out on the beach and most recently blogging. I also highly value spending quality time with family, friends and pets.

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