Meet my support system!

July 13, 2011

My Family

Wally (my husband, my strength, my life) with Larry
larry and his one true love my husband

I seriously don’t know where I would be today if it weren’t for my loving supportive husband Wally and our furry and feathery kids.

I would have simply drowned myself at work and would have missed out on living a very balanced and fulfilling life.


leilah our parrot
I love how much my own husband teaches me about birds everyday. The first parrot he ever owned was the one I got us one year ago. Nacho simply captivated Wally and transformed him into one of the most passionate parrot/bird lovers I have ever met. Wally is patient and kind and so understanding and that’s why our parrots ‘Larry’& ‘Leilah’ are besotted with him.

I’m afraid I come in second place with the birdies but I am absolutely okay with that.

                                                              Punchkin & Shepo
who has the ball
When it comes to our dogs ‘Shepo’and ‘Punchkin’, I saved them both from being euthanased and had them for a few years before Wally and I became an item. They obviously are more into me than their dad especially since they got kicked out of the bedroom when he moved in. You can totally understand where they are coming from, huh! Very outdoorsy loyal pooches that are constantly striving to be next to me. Whenever my husband goes away on a trip, my dogs rejoice because they know they will be replacing him in the bedroom.

I must confess that I had never owned a dog before them and it has been a very rewarding and amazing experience.

It is very different to owning a cat which is what I am more accustomed to.


Lewis snoozing away
Last but not least, our persian king ‘Lewi’ that my husband owned for a year or so before we moved in together. When Lewi first met me, he could not stand the sight of me because I was all over him like a rash. He was just too irresistable. I soon realised that he will never warm up to me until I controlled my urges of cuddling him. I started to act aloof around him and ignored him and before you knew it, he was meowing for my attention and all over me.

My husband went through a stage of withdrawal because he could not believe how stronly Lewi bonded to me.

I simply can read cats like a book so my husband had to learn to share Lewi’s love with me. Alas Lewi is the perfect diplomat and keeps all parties happy and satisfied with his purrs and cuddles.

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  1. Gail Schechter Says:

    just nominated you for versatile blog
    check out the blog post here


  2. Kitty Bloger Says:

    You’ve got beautiful family 🙂


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