Cuddle me forever

August 1, 2011


Today is a new day and as such, I am full of positive thoughts and lots of hope. Every time I lose a beautiful patient, I strive to be better and become more determined to save every patient that comes my way.

The consultations I look forward to are puppy and kitten vaccinations. Cuteness is guaranteed and just seeing those adorable puppies and kittens makes my day.

While they seem like straightforward consultations that may only take 5 minutes of my time, the truth is quite contrary in my case.

I seize these consults as an opportunity to educate my clients about all their new additions’s requirements from worming and flea control to diet and exercise and puppy/kitten socialization. I indulge my clients and their puppies or kittens with a very interactive and informative consultation. I spoil my patients with heaps of treats and try to use the rewards as a diversion so they do not react or feel the vaccination injection. It is so important to give these puppies and kittens a great first experience at the vet clinic. It will teach them to associate it with a happy place not scary one. Unfortunately the smell around the clinic and noise can push some of these tiny critters into panic mode inspite of our efforts. I also can detect very early and subtle underlying anxiety in some of these puppies or kittens that the owners must be warned about.

Italian greyhound puppy

The side effect of all this indulgence may lead to me running late for the rest of my consults. However, I feel it is well worth every moment!

The biggest struggle with vaccinations is having to hand over the adorable baby pets back to their rightful owners.

Sometimes you wish they could stay in that puppy or kitten stage a little longer; just to give you enough time to capture heaps of pictures.

This puppy was the first Italian greyhound puppy I have ever met. I have treated a few adult italians but never seen a puppy. The poor owners had to wait for ages while we paraded him around the practice and the took photos like the paparazzi. He was thrilled with the attention and his owners were equally ecstatic with the amount of love and cuddles he was engulfed with.

I mean can you imagine parting with this cutie? Look at him and answer me…

Italian greyhound puppy

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17 Comments on “Cuddle me forever”

  1. Erin Blackmore Says:

    Casper the Italian Greyhound was by far one of the cutest creatures I have seen lately, I could just eat him. lol.


  2. 2browndawgs Says:

    There is nothing cuter than puppies and kittens. When my Dad had to take our 23 year old cat to be put down the vet brought him a kitten to hold after she had helped our old cat pass. Of course it was too soon for another kitty, but the cuddly kitten did lift his spirits.


  3. becomingcliche Says:

    Look at that face!!!


  4. Rosie Scribblah Says:

    awwww adorable. But my cats would think he’s a snack lol


  5. Cowboy Says:

    Hey Doc –

    After reading your recent posts, I’m impressed with you as a Vet. I wonder if all Vets. in Australia are like you or if your field there has as many greedy, non-caring vets as we do here in the U.S. Your caring attitude and pro-active stand on the care of animals shows that you care about your clients humans as much as your clients – An often elusive trait found in so many of the small animal Vets here.
    Very rarely will you find a small animal Vet here that will make a house call for euthanasia or really for any other reason. I know there are some caring Vets here, but they’re so few and far between. It’s refreshing to read your posts and learn more about the treatments of your clients..

    Good Job!


    • Rayya The Vet Says:

      Thank you so much for the lovely comment. I am really happy to hear that my passion for animals is clearly conveyed through my articles.
      I can’t speak for vets in the USA but I have met vets from all over the world and honestly I think there is only a handful that do it for the money and do not care about animals. It is not a lucrative industry. I personally feel alot of vets are burnt out, over worked and misunderstood and can come across looking like they lack passion or devotion because they have been drained. I hope my blog will give inspire you to regain faith in the vets around you. If you own pets, you should keep checking out vets until you have found one that you can establish a great rapport with. 🙂


  6. barb19 Says:



  7. Renee Says:

    Aaah how cute is this little one. Gorgeous!


  8. Real World Mom Says:

    It’s so important for new owners to understand what is involved in caring for their pets. Thank you for taking the time to guide them!

    No, I wouldn’t have wanted to give that cute, little guy back either!



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