Snoozing away

August 5, 2011

Puppies, Rehomed

I have had a terrific start to my long weekend. I had a huge sleep in and finally caught up on all the lost hours…

puppy snooze

The adorable puppy above was given to me as a gift while I was on holiday in Lebanon. I cuddled the puppy and was ecstatic to hold it but I did not understand the logistics of having received it. I did not live in Lebanon and was heading to Australia in a couple of days. Needless to say, my parents landed the puppy for an interim period where it chewed up a few of my mom’s favourite shoes and got re-homed to a terrific owner.

I often find people can go for an impulse buy and get a cute pet be it a puppy, guinea pig, kitten or so forth as a birthday gift.

A pet requires a lot of commitment and needs the person to be mentally prepared to have one and to be well set up for it. I never recommend getting a pet as a gift unless you are 100% sure that the soon to be owners are in the process of trying to get one themselves and are ready to have one!

Anyhow, I will get back to my mellow day off. When I finally got myself out of bed, I was smothering all my beautiful pets with attention. I also had Christopher sitting in my lap for an hour but I had to drop him off later on at the clinic as Erin was having withdrawals and wanted him back. We did a swap over, I handed her Christopher and she gave me Brandy. Brandy is on a diet/exercise excavation weekend with me.

I took my boys and Brandy for a good walk and discovered Brandy had major phobias from cars driving past her. I had not picked up on that previously because I always used to take them to a park that is tucked well away from the sounds of moving cars. She has no issues hopping into a vehicle. However, having been run over by a car almost a year ago now and consequently incurring massive injuries, I can totally understand her fears.

I simply tried to divert her attention and gave her heaps of love and confidence.

I also enjoyed a very special dinner with my hubby. I am still in relaxing zen mode so will not be making any posts about any major vet things today. I will definitely get back into it tomorrow. I was like the paparazzi at the clinic this week and took heaps of amazing photographs of my patients and can not wait to share them with youI have to say animal photographers are just awesome and I believe they must possess lots of patience. It is very hard taking a photographs of a moving target be it the purring kitten coming towards you for a rub or the pooch that licks the camera and so forth.

I sometimes wish there was 36 hours in a day so I can achieve all the goals I set out for myself each day…Hopefully tomorrow I will get more of my to do’s list accomplished! So stay tuned until tomorrow. Hope everyone gets to have AN AWESOME WEEKEND! Damn you Alana for getting me hooked on using AWESOME in my every sentence…

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  1. Jodi Stone Says:

    I hope you enjoy your well deserved time off!



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