How does the time go…

August 12, 2011

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I really never find that I have enough time to accomplish all the tasks I have set out to do at work. I have been carting around this piece of paper with all these calls, cases and paperwork that needed doing. I have only managed to cross a few items from the long list on my paper. I have been trying to finalize a behavioural report for a consultation I conducted two weeks ago and it is still pending. I obviously will have to do the last touches of the report in my own time this weekend. I also have so many interesting cases to share with you but my brain is too scattered to allow it!

I will simply mention whatever comes to my mind and forgive me if this article seems very disjointed today.

Even though this week was not overly booked with consults, we had a few emergencies and some intense hospital cases and lots of walk in (not booked) consults. I did heaps of work this week but left with a heavy heart today as I did not get to complete all my follow up phone calls and the to tasks on my infamous list.


Lesson of the day: never say never.

My first consultation today was with this tiny little adorable pooch (you will see his picture below) that was mortified to be at the vet clinic. His owner was concerned about his itching condition that has been present for a few months. However, in the past week, he had been quite itchy and would not stop chewing his back feet and tummy. The owner immediately told me that she is sure it is not fleas because her dog had been treated for fleas with advantage spot on. I collected the full history and then started examining my tiny pooch trying to ease its stress and prevent its eyes from popping out!

I found a few fleas crawling around the base of its tail and had to point them out to his owner. Poor owner felt stupid and I really didn’t want her to. We discussed the reasoning of why her Advantage treatment may have failed. We determined that she has an indoor/outdoor cat that is not treated against fleas and so poses a reccurent source of fleas.

It is crucial to be aware that in your strategy to get rid of fleas, you may need to treat the environment with a flea bomb or wash all the bedding.

All incontact animals must also be treated against fleas or it defeats the purpose! Hopefully our littel champ will be feeling less itchy after today’s treatment…His owner had to cart home a few boxes of Frontline today, one for her cat, the other for her boxer and the last one for mr. popping eyes himself!

All eyes

Finally I leave you with this is a very interesting story. Last night, I did my last check on one of our critical patients at midnight. When I was getting into the clinic, I saw this man hobbling towards me with a shovel in his hand and something hanging off the shovel! In all honesty, I freaked out and thought

‘Oh my god, am I so tired that I am hallucinating now or is this man real and I am going to be killed!’

I froze in my place and was tempted to run to the car to let out my dogs for protection.

Before I could react, the man was right in front of me. He was very distressed because he and his family had witnessed this poor cat run over and killed right before them. They had not been able to track the owner and thought it was best to leave the cat in front of the vet clinic for us to identify it in the morning. I was relieved that I was spared and could live another day! I took the poor animal inside and scanned it and unfortunately she did not have a desexing tattoo or microchip to help us track down her possible owners.

Anyhow, I obviously need to recuperate this weekend and hopefully will get more done next week.

I am off to bed to have a major sleep in :-).

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11 Comments on “How does the time go…”

  1. Rosie Scribblah Says:

    Have a really good rest – you deserve it 🙂


  2. barb19 Says:

    Glad you sorted the popping eyes pooch out! Does he always look like that or is it just because he’s scared stiff being at the clinic?
    Have a relaxing weekend Rayya, and enjoy those well earned zzzzzzz’s!


    • Rayya The Vet Says:

      Thanks heaps barb…poor popping eyes apparently always frets at the clinic…poor possum would not settle but wagged his tail quite happily on his way out of my consult..have had a great sleep in or a bear nap 🙂


      • Cowboy Says:

        Hey Doc –

        As I’ve said before, there are not nearly enough vets here in the U.S. that tend to have the dedication to the animals they treat that you do. There are good vets here but many are bound by rules and regulations of a corporate holding group that only look at the dollar figure that can be generated. It’s rare today that a vet is able to graduate vet school and set up their own clinic so they must adhere to others guidelines that may not always have the interest of the animal in mind, even though the vet does..

        Also, Glad to see you mention microchips – I think all animals should have them irregardless of what their situation is.
        Take Care –

      • Rayya The Vet Says:

        I agree it is never easy for a vet especially when they do not on the practice…I definitely recommend microchipping always…

  3. 2browndawgs Says:

    You certainly get a wide variety of cases. We don’t have many fleas around here, but have to guard against ticks (which were really bad this Spring). We also use Frontline, (although I have heard mixed reviews on its effectiveness for ticks around here).

    I like the new look of your blog! Also, I left you something on my blog. If you get a chance, check it out. 🙂


    • Rayya The Vet Says:

      We definitely recommend frontline but once every fortnight instead of montly. in my area, we don’t have any paralysis ticks so we don’t worry about it so much but in new south whales, they recommed it. Thank you so much for the lovely recommendation of my blog. I really appreciate it.


  4. misswhiplash Says:

    Hiya Dr Rayya. Thank you so much for the advice that you have given me regarding giving animals worming pills. Apart from giving small dog 2 pills and other small dog the cat pill I think that it went ok.

    I am really thrilled to discover your blog and I have pressed the’follow’ button so that I do not miss any post in future.

    It is so wonderful to find another person who cares about animals as I do. I have 5 dogs, all rescue dogs , 2 cats who adopted us and two donkeys called Maya and Daisy

    I shall look forward to seeing you again the meantime have a restful weekend.



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