Ear patrol

August 22, 2011


So I had a pretty cruisy start to the week. Only had one dog castration in the morning and had enought time to make all my follow-up calls including checkups, discussing lab results and etc. In the afternoon, I was booked up with consults and it went smoothly but I confess I did run a bit late…

A 15 minute slot is simply not enough especially for an old dog check up where I discover heart issues, arthritis and skin allergies!

Anyhow I powered through and survived the afternoon.

The highlight was reuniting with one of my regular and adorable patients for a health check. Kerstel is just so stunning and her ears never fail to entertain me. She is a german shepherd cross that will do anything to get her liver treats. I mean she even sneezes on command. While she knows all the tricks, she tends to get so carried away at showing me each and every one without instruction. She drops, rolls, gives me her paw, just about anything to get her food reward…

I had a blast taking pictures of her very expressive ears…Hope you enjoy them as much as I did…

Isn’t she divine?

stunning gal

Did I hear liver treats are in order?


Dropped without me asking and her tail never stopped wagging.


Ears revved up and ready to take off…


Any minute now, my ear radars have picked up the treat signal!


Absolute and utter disappointment that I have only been provided with a few liver treats. I expected the whole container, thank you for nothing…


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10 Comments on “Ear patrol”

  1. Jodi Stone Says:

    She is adorable and her ears, Oh my goodness they are almost as big as she is! :-0


  2. misswhiplash Says:

    absolutely gorgeous! With ears like that she would be an asset to NASA ! Bless her she is beautiful as all animals are


  3. "Lyle" Says:

    Those are epic ears! My little jack/doxi mix has some pretty good ears, too.


  4. barb19 Says:

    Bat ears! She is a beauty and looks as bright as a button!


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