True troopers-patients that never gave up the fight

October 11, 2011


I am pleased to give everyone an update on ‘Gemma’. I only operated on her 10 days ago. She has bounced back and is on her way to a full recovery. Her examination showed her vitals were all okay and she is in the clear. I can not tell you how thrilled I am to see her in this state.

If she didn’t have a fighting spirit to survive and was not surrounded with a very supportive, loving and dedicated family, she would not be here today.

I of course had to pose with my beautiful girl below.

Gemma & I

Tune in for my next post this week that will be talking about one of my fave felines of all times named ‘Basil’.

I tell you this cat thinks its human and has been through the wars but all he care of is your love and cuddles. He forgives us for all the nasty things we had to do to him. If you look into his big blue eyes, you will fall in love. Enjoy the footage below of me singing to him in one of my checks during my weekend on call.

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22 Comments on “True troopers-patients that never gave up the fight”

  1. nicole Says:


    today is gwendolyn’s fourth birthday, and she couldn’t have received a better gift than learning about gemma’s positive path to recovery! we LOVE the photograph! gemma’s coat is beautiful, and she looks so happy! she knows that you saved her life.

    AND, we ADORE your accent! it’s beautiful! have a peaceful night (because we know it’s nighttime in australia!).

    love, nicole & gwendolyn


    • Rayya The Vet Says:

      Hey Nicole…happy belated bday to gwendolina :-), give her a huge cuddle from me… I am sure you spoilt her heaps..glad you enjoyed the pics and my video ;-)…guess what? We had a pug patient booked in for desexing today, I thought of you and took heaps of pics and I will post one one facebook…take care, rayya


  2. Jodi Stone Says:

    Glad to hear Gemma is on the mend. Good job Dr. Rayya!!


  3. poemsandponderings Says:

    Thanks for the follow-up on Gemma. You did an amazing job. What happened to Basil’s paw? Is that why he is in to see you?
    Nice work, Doc.


  4. Misty Shores Chesapeakes Says:

    Such great news about Gemma, Great job Dr. Rayya 🙂


  5. Animalcouriers Says:

    So relieved to hear the lovely Gemma pulled through!


  6. barb19 Says:

    Great news update on Gemma, thank you for that; she looks really good and loves your hugs Rayya!
    Basil is gorgeous, no wonder you love him so much. Looks like he enjoyed your singing!


    • Rayya The Vet Says:

      Welcome back Barb…I bet your pooch greeted you with so much love!!! Gemma really is an inspirational pooch… Basil actually does enjoy my singing but I won’t be competing in australian idol anytime soon…I will reserve my singing for my patients 🙂


  7. gwen Says:

    I love your blog and the way you interact with your patients! So happy to hear Gemma is on the mend, and love your singing to Basil 🙂


  8. Bassel Atallah Says:

    Hey Rayya! Good Job i love your pets! but i have a qeustion! You named your pet basil? haha Thanks thats a memorie 😛
    From Bassel Your Cousin 🙂


  9. IsobelandCat Says:

    Lovely Gemma, and Basil has a very ‘speaking’ face doesn’t he.



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