Where are they now? (2011)

January 4, 2012


I can’t believe it’s already the 4th day of January 2012. Today is a very special day as it is my mom’s birthday. I wish I was celebrating her big day with her :-).

I would like to start my post by wishing all my followers, blogging mates, pet lovers and of course furry, feathery & scaly friends around the world a belated:


I was on emergency call Christmas weekend and was moderately busy. Hence, I have indulged in a much deserved long new year’s weekend full of sleep ins and a 5 hour all round trip to the beach with my dogs.

I thought it was about time to fulfill one of Punchkin’s biggest santa wishes; sunbathing like a professional on the beach and not in our living room.

punch tanning

I thought it would be great to go down memory lane and give you updates on all my patients that I mentioned in my previous blogs as a recap on 2011.

I shall start with the sad news. Unfortunately, I did loose four beautiful patients unexpectedly.

‘Twice Lucky’, the chook that survived two fox attacks and made a 90% recovery. She was not thrice lucky when the fox struck yet again :-(.

Katie‘s biopsy of her guts came back confirming she had cancer. She was wasting away right before our eyes and actually had a turn to the worst after her big surgery. Her owner battled to let her go but managed to in the end :-(.

Blossom‘ presented to us two weeks after her bandage was applied and was already in a comatose non responsive state. We did everything to revive her and help her gain consciousness but weren’t successful. We still don’t know what happened. It was an absolute tragedy for all involved: her family and our vet team. Here’s video footage of ‘Blossom’ kneading me and me utterly enjoying her company two weeks before we lost her :-(.

‘Jake’, the little champ that we diagnosed early with a splenic tumour and had removed it successfully as the liver appeared normal on gross examination. He made an excellent recovery but then suddenly went down hill 3 months post surgery and we discovered that the tumour had already spread to his liver and was quite aggressive.  At that stage, our options were very limited and we had to send him to doggie heaven. His poor owners were beyond devastation and it was truly a tragic outcome :-(.

I would like to share Jake’s picture one month post surgery when he was doing so well. Those are the memories I cherich as they give me comfort and are part of my coping strategy!

Jake post surgery

Now for the good news and in no particular order, here are some updates:

Basil is going really well now & also wanted to send you his warmest belated Xmas wishes too. He obviously enjoyed being dressed up for the occasion 🙂


 Latte is now running around skip free and has developed a naughty habit of pulling clothes off the line. He even managed to wink at me when posing for his Xmas photo.


Goosey’s tongue never dropped out again and the traumatic experience did not impede her from starting her own family. Here is a picture of her sitting on her eggs a few months after her surgery.

goosey sitting on her eggs

Shadow went through foster care through Pet Haven for about 1-2 months and just recently found a new home. She now lives a life of luxury, being pampered and posing next to the flash outdoors pool.


shadow gorwing her coat

Possum and her lamb are still going strong and love prancing around their paddock with their sheep mates. Rayya (Possum’s lamb) grew to be the strongest & biggest lamb amongst that flock.

possum & her lamby

Brandy‘s in love with her new home and is sadly still overweight. Her mom is trying really hard to feed her less & exercise her more. I plan to sign her up for a ‘BIGGEST LOSER’ weight loss program at my place in a month or so.

Brandy's portrait

Jaffa still has a folding-chair phobia but is enjoying the extension of her human family to include 2 toddlers. This is a very recent photo of Jaffa that her owner posted on my facebook page. Don’t judge, she was having a bad fur-day!Jaffa as an adult

Gaby, the cheeky goat, made a full recovery. For her last bandage change, there was no bandage. She had helped herself and taken it off and her wound had completely healed. Oddly enough, I felt very torn: happy that Gaby didn’t require any more vet treatment and sad that I won’t get to entertain her & her partner Xena in my consult room anymore.

Gaby all healed

All those pets not mentioned in the bad news or the good news simply indicate I haven’t had any recent major news to share about them ; i.e. no news usually means good news in my world.

But wait, there’s more.





henry 2





Jag finding a hideout



Tiny closeup



Greebo get me out of here

In 2011, I met all these adorable patients and many many many more.

I wonder what 2012 has in store for me 🙂

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32 Comments on “Where are they now? (2011)”

  1. lyndajeffersphotography Says:

    These are such great shots but I especially like the one of Vegetable 🙂 Happy New Year Rayya 🙂


  2. becomingcliche Says:

    I may have to take Silva home with me.


  3. Jodi Stone Says:

    What a nice recap of your year. I had come in a bit late, but was still familar with a few of these guys.

    Happy New Year Dr. Rayya!


  4. nicole the exbulimic Says:

    rayya, i adore you, and i’m so happy that you’ve written this update!

    although i was weeping by the moment that you showed the photograph of jake, i wasn’t weeping so much about the animals’ passings, i was rather weeping because kind people like you exist in the world, working relentlessly to bring health and happiness to animals. i thank you from the bottom of my exbulimic dog loving heart!

    vegetable the bunny! oh my goodness! is she wearing an adorable white christmas collar of some sort? or is that truly her own body and fur? she looks like miss piggy on the 1986 made for television “a muppet family christmas!” i included a clip of that film here, and i’m sure you’ll agree with my assessment! hahaha! http://nicoleandgwendolyn.com/2011/12/19/menage-a-trois/.

    i’m linking this post to my facebook page because i want everyone to know of what you did this year for our animals.

    happy 2012, my friend! xxx


    • Dr. Rayya Says:

      Nicole you always make me smile. I absolutely love your enthusiasm and big heart….your latest article was awesome…I think gwendolyn is a true new yorker and better dressed than me….thank you so much for your huge vote of confidene in me…hope you and gweny have an amazing 2012….


  5. Melody Johnson Says:

    I love your new photo beautiful scetch and the new blog colors, fresh and new for 2012


  6. magsx2 Says:

    Great photos, where would our lives be without our wonderful pets.
    Have a great 2012.


  7. Rosie Scribblah Says:

    Have a wonderful 2012 Raaya 🙂


  8. Cowboy Says:

    Howdy Doc –

    Well…I’m just impressed all the way around. Impressed with the critter updates with all the photos. I always enjoy hearing what’s become of the animals you’ve treated.

    I’m also impressed with the new look for your blog – very nice and easy to navigate! –

    Also very impressed with the photo of you and the dogs in the blog header! Is that a drawing some did of you and your dogs? Very well done !

    Sorry to hear you weren’t able to spend the day with your mother – but I have a feeling she knows how much you would have enjoyed spending time with her.

    Hope you have a great year – you’re off to a good start !


    • Dr. Rayya Says:

      Aloha Cowboy….I am thrilled to hear you are impressed with the new look. Thanks heaps…my best mate elin, the norwegian vet, did the drawing- she is quite talented, huh? I really value your opinion and ongoing support 🙂 ….wishing you and your dane the best 2012!!!!


  9. barb19 Says:

    Happy Birthday to your mum! ♪♫• ♪♫
    Thanks for the update, it was good to have a re-cap on some of your patients – they are all so adorable!
    Happy New Year to you and yours Rayya – hope 2012 fulfills all your hopes and dreams!


  10. Jo Woolf Says:

    Thank you for such a wonderful update about your patients! I’m so glad that Shadow found such a good home. Basil is gorgeous! Although the losses must be sad, it’s lovely to see so many happy endings. Happy New Year to you and Happy Birthday to your mum.


  11. 2browndawgs Says:

    Sad for those that were lost, but the last bunch of pictures are fabulous!

    Happy 2012!


  12. elizadolly Says:

    I have nominated you for the Versatile Blogger and Tell Me About Yourself awards.
    Please find my initial response here: http://elizadolly.wordpress.com/2012/01/02/super-mega-catch-up-blog/
    And my nominations here:


  13. Dr. Rayya Says:

    Dear Eliza. Thank you so much for the nomination :-). I am very humbled by it. I will discuss it in my next blog.


  14. Elin Says:

    Love it 🙂 Great new look to your webpage I must say 😉 Have to read the blog abit later, too tired now.. Looking forward to it, always amusing and interesting! 🙂


  15. Elin Says:

    That was very sweet of you 🙂 Oh God I miss you! But I love following your fabulous vet life through your blog, it’s great! And all the pics are amazing! Hope all is well


  16. engrmuh Says:

    gr8 collection animal lover ! Rabbit is cutest animal .


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