Goose Specialist Alert!

July 20, 2011

Birds, Rare Cases

Here I was today examining a very much loved goose named ‘China’. What are the odds, seriously? Maybe the word has gotten out that there is a goose specialist in town.

Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely crave learning more and more about every creature.

‘China’ is a very much loved pet Chinese goose that lives on a teaching farm. He lives on the same farm that ‘Tom’ the turkey did. He presented to me today for a swelling in his foot. My examination was not very conclusive. I am very concerned he may have septic arthritis in one of his joints just like ‘Tom’. On the bright side, I hope I caught it early. I poulticed his foot today and he is booked in for more workup tomorrow. I will be xraying his foot and possibly collecting a biopsy of the nodule on his foot and sending it off for histopathology. In the meantime, I have emailed pictures of the lesions and his history to two bird specialists and I am waiting for their replies. So keep tuned in for the follow up on this case.

Now for the rest of the consultation, I could not help fuss over this beautiful feathery creature. He was so tame, well handled and quite interactive. I fed him lots of treats and almost refused to hand him over back to his owners.

If I keep those geese coming my way, I am going to add geese special interest on my CV!

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4 Comments on “Goose Specialist Alert!”

  1. dinnerdog Says:

    Oh man, i’d love to cook that goose.


    • Rayya The Vet Says:

      Hey Dinnerdog. I’m glad my patients are gauranteed I won’t be craving to eat them when I’m trying to save them. Afterall I am a vegetarian. Believe me, if you met ‘China’, you would never eat another goose.
      By the way, love your blog so make your next post a veggie one!



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