Defying the genetics!!

August 2, 2011

Eye Cases

Meet Lilly & Rubin 🙂


I love this gorgeous pair! I bumped into them at the park once and Lilly would not have a bar of me. She would not get anywhere near me. On the contrary, Rubin was out and about, happily mingling with my dogs and just bouncing with joy.

Unfortunately a week after our park interaction, Rubin accidentally bumped his eye after being groomed and so was brought in to the clinic. Lilly accompanied him for support purposes.

In the consult room, they both gave me this typical King Charles adorable look and milked me for heaps and heaps of treats.

Their mom started auditing the amount of treats I was handing them. They sat before I even asked them to and just as I picked up the jar full of liver treats.

They are in great health which is so refreshing to see. I am just so used to diagnosing cavaliers with heart issues and a range of genetically inherited diseases. These two give cavaliers a really good name!!! Currently we are treating Rubin’s superficial corneal ulcer (it is the green flourescent spot on his left eye). I tried to take heaps of close up pictures of his eye condition to monitor progress & share it with you but it was impossible. We could not keep him still enough for the photo shoot.

I can totally understand why some of these dogs are over-fed unintentionally!!!

I mean look at those faces especially Lilly’s!!! As I always tell my clients, I am allowed to indulge my patients with treats because I need to suck up to them after all the nasty things I have to do to them.

Many owners often tell me: But how could you ever turn down their requests for food, look at their faces! The secret is to avoid eye contact with them…hehehe..

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10 Comments on “Defying the genetics!!”

  1. Slowvelder Says:

    Lilly is so cute – she looks like a toy dog!


  2. Rosie Scribblah Says:

    They are such little cuties


  3. barb19 Says:

    They would be hard to resist with faces like that – we had a King Charles years ago, she was very much loved and adored by everyone who came into contact with her.


  4. Jodi Stone Says:

    It is very easy to over-treat. I am lucky that my dogs will eat carrots for treats. Most days I just use their garlic tablets as treats too!


  5. Resolutionary_Ari(: Says:

    Those are my dream dogs right there – Cavaliers. I have a question for you though about Spaniel breeds you may have worked with.. Have you ever come across a Spaniel with Rage Syndrome during your time as a vet? If so, what was the nature of the aggression? I’ve always wanted a Cavalier or a Cocker, but I’ve heard so much about the unpredictability of this condition that I’m just a bit frightened – although I’m sure it’s slightly dramatized. 😛


    • Rayya The Vet Says:

      Hey ariel!I have never heard or seen of rage syndrome in those breedsm Cavaliers are so sweet but springer spaniels can be snappy..however, I do not agree with condemning any breed…you must always meet the puppy before you get it. Often behavioural disorders in puppies exist and often can be missed. It is crucial to make sure you pick a suitable dog that matches you and will fit into your lifestyle!


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